Fortune is in the Follow Up!
Click on the link below, and
select "Send a Free Card."  
This will alert me when you
have created your guest

I will then contact you, and
let me know how many
cards you want to send out.  
It's that easy!  You will get
my distributor rate without
any startup fee to try it out,
and I'll even let you send a
free card.
How to get Started
I'm sure you've heard the saying that the "Fortune is in the Follow up."  The
best sales pitch still may not get the customer pounding down your door, but
just a small reminder may be enough to get that lead converted into a sale.

For less than $1, you could be following up with each of your prospective
clients by sending out a personalized card.  Unlike generic cards, these can
be customized on the front with your logo and on the inside.

What does it cost?  Literally, under a dollar.  This extensive online system
normally has a startup fee, but being a distributor, I'm creating guest accounts
at my distributor rate.  You simply let me know how many cards you want to
send, and I will load up your account with enough money to send it them all out.

Don't forget the logo!  Businesses spend a LOT on branding their images.  
If you send a high-resolution format of your logo, I will also add that to your
guest account.  It's that simple.  No hidden fees - pay for what you want to use.
 How much easier could it get?  

With some options starting
as low as $0.31 + postage, this is something you
really cannot afford to let pass by.
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