What is the McHenry Scramble?
The McHenry Scramble is a networking opportunity which revolves around a
progressive luncheon.  Though the luncheon is the heart of the networking,
there is a lot of networking both before and after the event.

Before you arrive, you will receive three questions which will be e-mailed
before the Scramble.  They will be general questions everyone will answer.  
(Example: What was your biggest challenge with the economy this year?)  
How Can I Prepare for more information.

When the lunch begins, you will be seated with a table (about 8) of individuals
with the same goals in mind that you have - networking.  You will
not be
seated with any of your competition
and you will not sit with the same
person twice (unless some last minute registrants sneak in at your table).

Everyone will go around the table and talk about their business for three
minutes, and in that time answer the question that was asked.  Don't be
shy...everyone is here to network.  Just relax, get some business cards, and
enjoy your lunch.

This process will repeat for each course - appetizer, entrée, and dessert.  By
the end of the scramble, you should have had quality time with about 25
individuals, and openly networking with many more.  To get all of this for such
a low price is something you cannot afford to miss.

  • Arrive 45 Minutes early,
    register, and begin open

  • Enjoy your Lunch which is
    broken into three sections
    for networking (appetizer,
    entrée, and dessert).

  • Each section offers you
    three minutes to talk about
    your business and answer
    a questions asked.

  • After your lunch, hopefully
    you will win a prize and
    open networking will
The Process:
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