How can you prepare for the Scramble?
I have to admit, the first time I went to the McHenry Scramble, everything felt a
bit chaotic.  The first 45 minutes before the lunch even began, everyone was
moving around like a networking frenzy to get out business cards.  They are
doing this mainly to hand their card to the "Secret Scram-Bee" - and if they
draw your card later in the day, you could win a very nice prize.  I won two
tickets to the Annual Dinner it pays to get your cards around.

Every year, the McHenry Chamber puts on a
Networking Extravaganza to
help prepare people for the networking which is about to unfold.  They will
help you prepare answers for the three questions which will be asked (see:
what is the scramble), teach you to listen more than you talk, and to always
ask questions to learn about other's businesses.

My first year, I did not do any preparation for the Scramble and figured it
would be just like any other networking event.  I was greatly mistaken, as it
was much more than I ever would have anticipated for a $20 event.  The food
is good (for a networking event), you can win prizes, and you always will make
good connections you can use for your business.

At a bare minimum, read through the bullets I've prepared on the right and
come ready for networking.  See you there!

  • Bring plenty of business
    cards.  Try to bring 100
    and save 25 for the table

  • If you hand your business
    card to the "Secret Scram-
    Bee" - you could win a very
    nice prize!

  • Arrive 45 minutes early for
    networking - everyone
    attending will arrive early.

  • Visit all of the booths
    before lunch to win prizes!

  • Take advantage of the
    McHenry Chamber's
    Networking Extravaganza.

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